White Noise Machine, Portable Sleep Therapy for Home, Office,Bedroom,Baby & Travel,9 Natural Smoothing and Relaxing Sounds,3 Timer,USB or Battery Powered

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  • [Natural Sleep Aid] This White Noise Machine can better improve your sleep quality and enrich your concentration. It can help you get to sleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer by helping you tune out the environmental noises that might otherwise wake you. For: Home, Office, Dorm, Nursery,Bedroom,Travel
  • [Nine Soothing Natural Sounds] White noise, Ocean,Thunder, Soothing music, Wind, Brook, Summer night, Rain, Relax. It helps you to block out distractions and create a perfect environment for sleep, relaxation or concentration. Different from similar products, our sound therapy machine has a button for each of the 9 sounds, enabling you to choose your favourite sound directly. It's very easy to select the sounds you want
  • [Auto-Off Timer] The White Noise Sound Machine therapeutic sounds can be used for relaxation, sleep, work, travel, study or meditation. You can choose to play the relaxation sounds continuously, or choose from the auto-off timer. The timer features 3 options: 15, 30, or 60 minutes
  • [Portable & Convenient] This sound machine is lightweight and portable, easily fitting into any travel bag or suitcase. It is powered by either a USB Cable or four AA batteries.
  • (Remark:Charging adaptor and batteries are not included)

How Does A White Noise Machine Me Sleep?
White noise promotes relaxation prior to sleep by providing a constant, soothing sound for your brain to settle on. This helps quiet the mind and keeps you from focusing on disruptive sounds which interfere with the process of falling asleep.
Once you're asleep, white noise works all night long to drown out the random noises that would have woken you up - either completely or just as partial 'micro-awakenings,' which you may not even have remembered in the morning. This means that you sleep more solidly and deeply, and rise feeling more rested and restored.
A power adapter and USB charging cable are included in the package, so you’re ready to go straight out the box. The compact and lightweight design makes the device travel ready too, so you can enjoy a soothing sleep anywhere.
Color: white
Input: 5V DC 0.3A
Battery: 4 AA Batteries (not included)
Product Size: 12.5x5.5cm
Weight: 180g
Package 260g
Use only the size type of batteries specified
Remove used batteries promptly
Please remove batteries if using the USB power
Package Contents
1 x sleep sound machine
1 x USB DC cable(adaptor not included)
1 x User Manual

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