Mooto Extera Season2 Single Mitt Kick Target Pad Taekwondo Karate TKD Kickboxing Gold/White/Black (Black)

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  • Not only Taekwondo but also other mixed martial arts such as karate kickboxing, etc.
  • Non-Slip by urethane Coating on the handle / This mitt provide superior grip feeling by Slim design of the handle.
  • Mitt made inside fixed board with twice thickness for renewal of the product life.
  • Development of the inside material and shape for good sound and feeling of the shooting.
  • 1) Color : Gold / White / Black , 2) Material : EVA , 3) Size: Length 41.5 cm or 16.33 inch

Taekwondo Extera Season2 Single Mitt Kick Target Pad MMA Martial Arts Karate TKD Kick Boxing Gold/White/Black

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