Lumbar Support Cushion Support Headrest Comfortable Soft Pillows Relax Full Back Muscles for Home, Office and Car Use CARWORD

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  • Super warmth characteristics can change the lumbar softness and easily absorb the waist pressure
  • Exquisite jacket, comfortable and breathable, very slippery, suitable for contact with human skin
  • Saddle-shaped ergonomic curve, specially designed according to the waist contour, giving you an unexpected comfort
  • Removable zipper design for easy jacket cleaning and durability
  • The back straps are designed with elastic straps and snap-on closures to help the waist fit snugly against the seat, freely adjustable and durable.

Name: Slow rebound massage lumbar support
Specification: 40*35*8-6CM
Pillowcase: velvet fabric
Inner core: slow rebound memory
Weight: net weight 500G±20G
Recommended crowd: all types of people, lumbar disease recommended

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