Energizer Compact 2-in-1 Light with Light Fusion Technology Energizer Battery Company inc. 30039800125539

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1.Style2 in 1 Light


  • Compact design features both area and spot light in one versatile, handheld light
  • Light Fusion Technology panel delivers vibrant, uniform area light for a variety of tasks
  • Fits conveniently into drawers, bags, purses and tool boxes
  • Expands the Energizer lights with Light Fusion Technology product line with a unique, affordable option
  • Pivoting head directs light where you need it
  • Includes 2 Energizer MAX AAA batteries

The Compact 2-in- Light features innovative Light Fusion Technology and provides both an area and spot light in a small, versatile design. Unique Light Fusion Technology delivers vibrant, uniform area illumination for a variety of tasks. With a slim, lightweight design, this innovative solution can easily fit in pockets, drawers and more for easy access to area or directional light.

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